NF802 is the new generation of digital relay test equipment with local control. This digital relay tester is equipped with 8 optical ports, and its powerful data processing capability can achieve the full functional test of the IEC61850 devices. Support GPS\ IRIG-B\ IEEE 1588 synchronization, it makes the substation internal debugging and substation to substation combine debugging available. NF802 integrated some unique functions including: the abnormal SVGOOSE simulation, virtual terminal test, the optical power testing and so on.


  • 8 fiber optical ports for:Receiving and sending IEC61850-9-2 format SV and GOOSE message;Receiving and sending IEE1588 message;Measuring received fiber optical power
  • Provide flexibility to configure both SV (IEC61850-9-2) and  GOOSE ports independently.
  • Local control with quick control buttons
  • Each port can be configured as Receive and Send at the same time or it can be configured as Receive or Send.
  • Can check the GOOSE communication link
  • SV, GOOSE configure message can be saved and recall repeatedly 
  • With the IEEE1588 synchronization function, deviation of the time is less than ±80ns
  • With GPS, IRIG-B code synchronization interface.

Main Specifications

The main power
Rated voltage 220V (AC)
Allowable range 100V~240V (AC)
Rated frequency 50Hz
Allowable frequency 40~60Hz
Current 1A(max)
Ethernet communication port: for communication with the PC
Type 10/100Base-TX (10/100Mbit, twisted-pair, automatic cross)
Front panel fiber-optic communication interface: for IEC61850-9-1/2, GOOSE communication
Number of port 8
Interface type LC
Front panel FT3 interface: for IEC60044-7/8 of FT3 communication
Standard IEC60044-7/8
Number of port 8
Interface type ST
Low –level Signal Analog Output
Signal amplitude 
Output channel 12
Set range AC:0~7.07Vrms DC:0~10V
Accuracy 0.07~7.07Vrms : < 0.2%
0.02~0.07Vrms : < 1%
Sinusoidal signal 10~1000Hz
Transient signal DC~10.0kHz
Accuracy 0.002%(under frequency,error 1mHz)
Resolution 0.001Hz
Range of phase angle 0 to 359. 9°
Accuracy <0.1°,50/60Hz
Resolution ±0.01°
8 pairs of binary input(A-H)
Input characteristic 30V~250V (DC)or empty contact (automatic identification)
Sample frequency 10kHz
Time resolution 100us
4 pairs of binary output(1-4)
Type Empty contacts, regardless of polarity
AC capacity Vmax :250V(AC)/Imax :0.5A
DC capacity Vmax :250V(DC)/Imax :0.5A
4 pairs of binary output(5-8)
Type Fast contact output, the speed of response is 100us
AC capacity Vmax :220V(AC)/Imax :0.5A
DC capacity Vmax :220V(AC)/Imax :0.5A

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