PDQuick is designed to simplify the inspection process in substations. The fast scanning capability and multiple detecting methods allow users to quickly survey the condition of equipment, and determine if detailed investigation is required. The handheld device is equipped with dual detection channel and powerful auto-analysis function to determine PD type.

PD detection is an early warning method to insulation defects or other possible failure related to electrical and mechanical issue. By understanding the PD types, failure mechanism and risk assessment could be made, follow the proper decision and action to prevent breakdown.

PDQuick is a rapid survey tool for Partial Discharge detection, utilizing different types of sensor including TEV, RFCT, UHF, Acoustic and Ultrasonic for different applications. Through its dual channel design, simultaneous results from two separate sensors can be compared in order to reduce unnecessary sensor switching for comparison. Dual channel reading will be displayed, one from electromagnetic channel plus one from audible channel.


  • Fast scanning at substation to discover defects
  • Wide range of sensors for more accurate results
  • Dual channel for different detection method comparison
  • Reduce unnecessary sensor changes
  • Multiple display modes to see PD detail
  • Auto-recognition of PD type helps analysis process
  • Signal recording of both channels
  • NFC tag function improves on-site test procedure
  • Eliminate unscheduled downtime and minimize scheduled downtime

  • Pulse generator
  • Wireless synchronizer
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Software
  • User manual

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