XDP-II - Portable Partial Discharge Recorder & Diagnostic System

The XDP-II is a portable device for, online, factory and laboratory partial discharge measurement on electrical apparatus, or components. The XDP-II can be used in accordance to IEC 60270. It records partial discharge measurements for computer analysis and diagnostic using the optional XDP-II software for a PC. Using the appropriate accessories, the XDP-II can be used in several applications.

Partial discharge testing is a predictive & qualitative analysis tool that can warn of a potential upcoming system failure. The XDP-II is a powerful and flexible Partial Discharge Measurement System. It displays the Partial Discharge wave form and the built-in speaker plays a sound reproduction of the signal measured. Those can be recorded in the XDP-II along with date and time of the reading. The recorded measurements remain stored in memory allowing the transfer to a computer upon return from the worksite.


  • Quality control of MV/HV equipment on production line (transformers, switchgears, arrestors, insulators, couplers, etc...)
  • Quality control of the insulators during installation or underground network repair (cable joints, elbows, etc.)
  • Online follow-up of the ageing process of the critical components’ insulation (transformers, switchgears, cable joints etc.)
  • Safety control prior to work conducted under charge.
  • TEV testing on switchgear cabinets.
  • PD detection in switchgear using the VIS capacitive coupler.
  • Corona and Arc detection on aerial devices using the acoustic sensor.
  • PD detection in oil-filled transformer using UHF antenna / HFCT clamp.


  • Portable battery operated
  • Easy to use
  • pC and dB value display
  • Several display modes for on-site real time analysis and diagnostic
  • Keeps the wave form and edge of PD in memory, with the date and the hour
  • Transfers the collected data stored in a computer to ensure the follow-up of the measurements
  • Network synchronization for random noise reduction
  • Differential technique for noise reduction
  • Splash-proof and rugged design

Partial Discharge Detector - XDP-II by ndb Technologies

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